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Mahlia Amatina is an international artist based in Reading, whose artistic practice began just before she was diagnosed with Autism in 2015. Her work is focused on themes around neurodiversity, and she uses multi-sensory experiences to give insight into life on the autistic spectrum. Her practice includes immersive interactive installations, abstract mixed media paintings and digital art work.


Awarded Arts Council England funding, including the ‘Developing your Creative Practice’ grant, Mahlia has been featured as one of the Top 50 Influential Neurodiverse Women by Women Beyond the Box and is one of Scope's selected artists. As well as bringing understanding and acceptance to neurodiversity, she aims to create communities through art and advocacy around the world. She has a special interest in autism and the workplace, in particular the building of neurodivergent-friendly working environments, and is a guest blogger for the charity Employment Autism. Read full biography here.

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