The 3 images are created using bright and striking paints in the form of acrylics, collage, dripping techniques, oil sticks, pastels, glazes and emulsion paint. All paintings are created using copious layering of paint upon paint
Photo of myself, the artist; Mahlia Amatina. A facial side shot against a dark background using a ferocious growl expression to portray the boisterous and confident nature of Amatina and her art. Described as 'artist to watch' and 'upcoming artist 2015'

Artist Bio

Visionary artist Mahlia Amatina invites you into a multi-sensory experience of colour, line, shape and form through tactile art that explores the creative side of neurodiversity. Drawing inspiration from the varied landscapes and rich flavours of her international roots and global travels, Mahlia’s visual vocabulary creates a narrative through abstraction. Using acrylic paint, oil sticks, Indian ink, and all manner of mixed media on paper and canvas, Mahlia explodes through traditional boundaries of style and purpose.

After being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2015, Mahlia was inspired to share the unique sensory experiences of life on the autism spectrum through her art. Working around the theme of neurodiversity, Mahlia has transformed her signature style of abstract colourism into a unique, interactive, multi-sensory experience that invites viewers to engage on a level that works for them.


Her mission includes creating communities through the combination of art and advocacy around the globe. She has undertaken residencies, and had her works displayed in both fine art and community venues in seven countries, as she pushes for artwork to be experienced by a wider variety of audiences.

Mahlia has been awarded Arts Council England (ACE) funding several times, including the ‘Developing your Creative Practise’ fund, and has been featured as one of the Top 50 Influential Neurodiverse Women by Women Beyond the Box. Available for talks and collaborative art projects, Mahlia also has a special interest in autism and the workplace and building neurodiverse-friendly workspaces.

“My vision is colour. My heartbeat is rhyme. My mind expands with bursts of line, shape, and form. Art imbues each moment of life, every cell of my being. My hands tell my stories as I connect with humanity and explore meaning through creativity and art. The voyage continues.”

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