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In line with my ethos of making art accessible to all, I have setup an Art Subscription Service! Welcome to Art Now 😊

Art Now enables individuals and small businesses to loan out my paintings on a monthly basis, without having to shell out the initial lump sum of buying outright. This allows audiences to enjoy the paintings immediately, without the commitment of buying upfront. In addition, you can stop loaning at any point, add to your loans, or swap the painting/s around – the flexibility’s there – whatever you choose. Paintings arrive in the post, for free, ready to hang – and you can quickly and easily enjoy having original art in your home or workspace!

How does it work?

  • Pick the painting/s you wish to loan from the Gallery

  • Contact me with your choice and complete a short form

  • The painting/s will be posted to you, ready to hang, for free!

  • Keep it for as long or short a time as you like, or swap as you wish

  • When you’re done, just post it back or arrange collection. Easy!




  • Small painting: £6.99 a month

  • Medium painting: £9.99 a month

  • Large painting: £15.99 a month

Click here for a full list of FAQs :)