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Alternate Perceptions

This exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre (May-July 2021), invited the audience into a multi-sensory experience of colour, line, shape and form through tactile art that explores the creative side of neurodiversity. The exhibition showcased a collection of my recent work, in addition to an art installation created as part of the SHIFT! Programme, which was in collaboration with Wiltshire Creative’s group of young artists.

Using ‘Around the World in 80 Washing Lines’ (#80WashingLines) as a starting point, I worked with a group of young people from the Wiltshire region across two months in a series of weekly online workshops. These sessions explored #80WashingLines within the context of the young peoples' lives. The themes that mattered to them, for instance identity, gender roles, family structures, and our relationship with clothes, were all explored. The young artists also had the opportunity to develop their concepts through introspective activities, which utilised a range of art forms. This beautiful unity of ideas created a multidisciplinary youth-led version of #80WashingLines.

Images: courtesy of Salisbury Arts Centre

After the exhibition ended, I continued to work with one of the young participants from the SHIFT! Project. We created a behind-the-scenes look at laundry being undertaken by me at home, paired with interview footage of a Q&A around the project. In this video, I talk about the concept of #80WashingLines: how the installation, its social messaging and vision was realised, as well as what the future of the project holds. The video was filmed and edited by Bethan Amey.

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