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Diversity and inclusion at work is crucial, and in the same way that I’m driven to make my art accessible to different audiences, I feel the same motivation to ensure a true representation in the workforce.

According to The Office for National Statistics (ONS), just 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment. I find this statistic astounding as it represents a massive employment gap, as well as a vast opportunity to unlock an untapped pool of resource and talent.


Whilst the benefits of a diverse workplace in terms of gender, sexuality and ethnicity are relatively well known, neurodiversity is still not widely considered. Neurodivergent employees bring unique qualities and perspectives including excellent attention to detail, accuracy, tenacity, problem solving and creative thinking abilities. Essentially the very type of people that can help drive your organisation forward. 

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I am keen to help more neurodivergent people into employment, as well as to help businesses reap the benefit of this valuable resource. Having worked for a wide range of organisations myself, I have seen first-hand how quite small and thoughtful adjustments can go a long way.


I currently write a monthly blog for Employment Autism on issues such as disclosure, buddy schemes, guide for managers, having a portfolio career and coping with social issues in the workplace.


In addition, I offer the following services to employers:


  • Writing (guides, blogs, articles)

  • Coaching, mentoring and peer support

  • Talks (topics include: my experiences of the workplace, reasonable adjustments, mental health, my art projects and exhibitions, being diagnosed with autism as an adult, changing careers

  • Neurodiversity advocacy and championing

  • Corporate art exhibitions and collections


Organisations I have worked with:

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If you are interested in working together to improve neurodivergent representation in the workplace, please get in touch

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