'Life On A Spectrum' - an interactive art exhibition about neurodiversity

Inspired by my arts-led advocacy work on neurodiversity, ‘Life on a Spectrum’ is an interactive exhibit that uses visual art, writing, videography and performance art to involve viewers both onsite and online. The work builds on previous autism-related exhibitions ‘On a Spectrum – an exploration of Asperger’s syndrome’, ‘Around the World in 80 Washing Lines’, as well as an arts-based project on ‘Women and Autism’ created in New York City.

Visitors play an active role in the creative process at ‘Life on a Spectrum’. They are encouraged to interact with exhibit elements by generating their own art using pre-cut magnetic shapes and leaving responses to questions related to autism-specific traits. The exhibition grows organically over time, as more reactions are collated and the narrative on neurodiversity continues to grow within the space.

The exhibition is funded by the Arts Council England and is open to the public for free. The aim is to capture the imagination of people from all backgrounds to learn about, and celebrate, neurodiversity.

Four videos were created where I sit with a different trigger situation for 30 minutes. Triggers include a ticking clock, multi-tasking, overlapping sounds and flashing lights. You can view them all here. All videos were created by G K Field and Tim Wilson.    

Exhibition Flyer.png

Online Shows

I won a commission with the Free Space project to exhibit 'Life on a Spectrum' as an immersive online show. Here's a walkthrough video of this work: