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Digital Projects

For visual artists working with traditional methods, Covid-19 meant a lack of opportunity to show work, as with lockdown came the cancelling of exhibitions, talks and events. Being shut in at home meant the digital world was one of the only ways to connect with audiences or other creatives. 


Working digitally will remain a channel that allows artists’ work to be seen going forwards. In 2020-2021, I collaborated with digital artists to create online exhibitions of my paintings and participatory art. This video made for Disability Arts Online, examines my journey over this time, as I translated my creative practice into online formats.

Supported by Arts Council England's 'Developing your Creative Practice' grant, I spent 2021 working with digital artists, exploring the potential of creating virtual exhibitions. This was inspired as an alternate way to experience art given the digital age we have accelerated into, though also driven by a need to create more accessible art for all.

'#80WashingLines' was a digital development of my original project 'Around the World in 80 Washing Lines', which you can learn more about the original project and it's further development here

In Oct 2020, Free Space Project showed a virtual exhibition version of 'Life on a Spectrum' as a part of their Creative Wellbeing Commission. A virtual gallery space was created in partnership with designer Liam Mason. This was the first time that I explored, or had even considered, online art.

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