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Archive of Sold Work

While the original paintings below are sold, other buying options, such as prints and gifts are available to buy here

Bus Journey I
The All Seeing Eye
Bus Journey II
Memories III
Subject 'A'
Memories IV
Elephant Party
Once upon a time in a forest…
On A Spectrum
Keep on Dancing
'Flashing lights, guide the way'
Pathway to the Himalayas
Urban Soul
Keep on Dreaming
Starburst Forest
Best Foot Forward
'It oscillates and moves, unpredictable'
The Mountains Echo
Moonlit Whisper
A Bridge Between Rainbows
The Mountains are Alive!
'Wash Day with Mama'
'Understand your Limitations II'
'There's Always Another Way'
'That Lightbulb Moment'
One Rainy Day...
Floral Spirit
Spectrum of Cultural Fusion
3 Daughters
Floral Disposition
"Look! They Also Dry Their Clothes"
'Structure is logical and safe'
'Understand your limitations'
Standing Tall
Keep on Keeping on
Kathmandu Calling! III
Waves of Tirade
Flowers Afloat
Dream Bursts
Treading Water
‘My mind is akin to a series of “if-this, then-that” statements’
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