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Coaching and Mentoring for Individuals

Diagnosed with autism eight years ago, my world changed tectonically, as I rediscovered myself with a whole new perspective – and a giant missing puzzle piece. My journey of diagnosis as an adult has been interesting, least of all because it was the same year that I changed careers for the first time.


I’d previously worked in the corporate world, living my life to a neurotypical template, which understandingly, didn’t work out. Since then, I’ve tried different types of self-employed roles, established a portfolio career, and even dipped my toes back into office life – a world I thought I could never return to. Through these quite diverse experiences and reasonable adjustments, I’ve learnt that work really can work out. And that we have a right to this.

My diagnosis of autism and where I’ve been on my employment journey has truly changed my life. It still continues to astound me infact. And I want to work with you and get you moving – wherever it is in life that you are going. With my mix of mentoring and coaching techniques, I want to help you thrive and live in a more aligned manner that follows your purpose and flow.

Mahlia and Jasper (her dog)

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"This period of coaching has been the most beneficial undertaking of my life since Covid-19 began. I work in a highly stressful environment, and this has helped refocus my mind and rebalance my life without sacrificing anything I hold dear. I would highly recommend giving it a go."

Conor E. E.

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Mahlia. She is so supportive and ensures that you feel comfortable at all times. Mahlia always made sure I set realistic and achievable goals for myself and helped me to make sense of my thoughts in a open, non-judgemental way."

Olivia J.

"An amazing life changing experience. The Mentoring and coaching sessions with Mahlia has enabled me to gain clarity on my life and goals and to equip me with tools to improve living, wellbeing, but also the overall manner in which I conduct myself."

"Mahlia is a great coach. She’s patient, understanding, encouraging, and makes you reflect on the important stuff. I totally recommend her!"

Nicolas G.

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