'Life on a Spectrum' Art Exhibition

Exhibition ‘Life on a Spectrum’ is a compelling and interactive art experience that celebrates autism and neurodiversity. It has been shown at Bracknell's South Hill Park, as well as with various galleries online. It is supported by Arts Council England.

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Arts Council funding Awarded to explore Neurodiversity and the Arts in New York

Mahlia has been awarded the highly competitive ‘Developing your Creative Practice’ (DYCP) grant by the Arts Council England to go to New York to build new relationships, receive mentorship and collaborate with other autistic artists. The aim was to continue creating arts-led advocacy work around neurodiversity, that openly translates a positive message in impactful and accessible ways.

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#80WashingLines Wins Award

Social art project 'Around the World in 80 Washing Lines' won 'Best Education Project' at the Reading Cultural Awards! The project, noted for its 'autism-friendly' sensory-immersive exhibition, engaged with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Image of work from the 'Autismo 25' collection

Autism Art in Hospitals

Mahlia’s autism collection ‘On a Spectrum – an exploration of Asperger’s syndrome’ is currently touring and being shown at St Mark’s hospital in Maidenhead, Berkshire, alongside select pieces of Mahlia's mixed media body of work ‘Autismo 25’. 

St Mark's hospital in Maidenhead
Work from 'Autismo 25'
Mahlia Amatina with 'Autismo 25'
Work from 'Autismo 25'
St Mark's hospital in Maidenhead
Official poster
St Mark's hospital in Maidenhead
St Mark's hospital in Maidenhead
Work from 'Autismo 25'
Paintings by Mahlia Amatina
Painting 'Bus Journey I'
'Autismo 25' collection (9/25)
St Mark's hospital in Maidenhead
'On a Spectrum' collection
St Mark's hospital in Maidenhead
Front side of the 'Around the World in 80 Washing Lines' official flyer
Reverse side of the 'Around the World in 80 Washing Lines' official flyer
Arts Council
Grant Awarded for #80WashingLines!

Team Amatina are pleased to announce the following dates for social art project ‘Around the World in 80 Washing Lines’:

- The Riverside Museum, Reading: 16th-30th Sep

- The Curve, Slough: 7th-30th Oct

- Menier Gallery, London: 20th Nov–2nd Dec

Reading's Year of Culture Award Won

As part of Reading’s Year of Culture celebrations, Team Amatina have bought 6 pieces of washing line art from the Around the World in 80 Washing Lines’ project into Reading’s launderettes.

By bringing the exhibition into the local community, art is being made accessible to those who may not typically engage with the arts, or have the opportunity to visit a gallery.

Based around the theme ‘Art in Unusual Places’, the project is quickly gaining traction with recent features on the BBC News and Radio.

The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
Sir John Madejski paints
Painting on Reading town centre
Sir John Madejski and Mahlia Amatina
Mahlia paints
Sir John Madejski arrives!
Solutions4Health office in Reading
Sir John Madejski paints
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
Sir John signs-in
A tour of the paintings takes place
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
Painting 'Red, White and Blue'
Sir John launches the scheme
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
Paintings by Mahlia
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'
The launch of 'Alternate Viewpoints'

Sir John Madejski, OBE, DL

'Very creative, I love the use of colour [in Mahlia's paintings], and as they've been described by others here - they're the type of paintings you can get really lost in, and they give you something back''

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Sir John Madejski officiates opening of Mahlia's Innovative Workplace Art Scheme
Mahlia’s workplace art scheme 'Alternate Viewpoints' was unveiled at healthcare company Solutions4Health in Reading. The scheme is aimed at creating a visually stimulating environment for staff to work in and enhance creative and lateral thinking, as well as employee engagement. 
Leaflet and flyer advertising art exhibition by Mahlia Amatina in Reading, Berkshire for Nepal. Contemporary ad international art show endorsed by Joanna Lumley.


Joanna Lumley, OBE FRGS, Actress, Author and Activist

'Wishing you every success with art exhibition 'Kathmandu Calling!''

Cllr Sarah Hacker, Mayor of Reading

"Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful exhibition. Your range of paintings gave me a lot to enjoy and consider"

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Kathmandu Calling! 
Art on Nepal, for Nepal


Mahlia's solo exhibition across two locations in Reading, had a launch night that featured: The Mayor of ReadingCllr Sarah Hacker; The Head of the Gurkha Society Reading, Ram Galami and Associate. The show was inspired by Mahlia's time spent volunteering in Nepal and the subsequent earthquakes. It highlighted Nepal's rich culture, beautiful people and astounding landscapes - and ultimately started a dialogue on the country.

Official poster for 'Kathmandu Calling!' art expo in support of Nepal and the Earthquake victims. Abstract art on canvas created in a vibrant, feelgood anduplifting manner. Healing art that transcends boundaries internationally to connect with all earthly beings.

Self-taught Abstract Colourist, Mahlia Amatina creates art with a story behind each painting. Influenced by colour & narrative, Mahlia adds her own unique take on Abstraction.

Video: A day in the life of Mahlia Amatina

Gallery: Photo & Videos of Latest Work

Acrylics on Canvas painting featuring international art roots and community portrayal. Modern art ideal for home interior designing and decor for the office and large, open public spaces